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"Mission: Audition" is an intensive class designed specifically for those preparing for an audition or showcase. Whether it be X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, The Voice, a musical theatre recital for the West End or to be accepted at a music or performing arts institute, the "Mission: Audition Bootcamp" is the perfect class for you.

You will not only work on your chosen song or audition pieces but also receive invaluable guidance from experts in vocal performance along with advise from singers who have gone through the same process and succeeded. You will learn how to overcome nerves, pick the right song for you and most of all, give your best performance to pull off the perfect audition and really impress the judges.

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Tips for nailing your Audition:

Choose wisely:

Just because you like a particular song doesn't mean it is the right song for you. In an audition you might only get a few minutes at best to demonstrate who you are as an artist and what you are capable of so, the right song choice is key. At Singing Tutor we can help give you guidance on your song choices but quite simply, play to your strengths. If you aren't the best at vocal runs and ad libbing, don't pick a Beyonce song!

Also, make sure the key is right for you, you won't be successful in an audition if your'e trying to sing a song in the same key as the original artist and straining to hit all the high notes. You will however get praise for delievering a great version of that song that works for your range, tone and delivery and shows off your unique voice.


It might seem obvious but parctice like crazy! I don't just mean pratcice the song though, practice auditioning. Sing the song in front of friends and family to experience the nerves and feelings associated to performing in front of people. Get them to give you honest feedback, being nice and telling you it was fantatsic when it wasn't won't help you. Take on board what they say, make some changes and then perform the song to them again, little improvements make a big difference.

In the "Mission: Audition" class, you will receive this vital and honest feedback with positive guidance on how to improve all areas of your audition and performance as a whole.

Be Yourself:

Don't go to a serious audition in fancy dress or something you would never normally wear. The Judges want to know who you are as a person, being a great artist is not just about your voice but the way you present. Being something you aren't will be spotted a mile away so be confident in your uniqueness and be the first you, not the next Adele.

Be Prepared:

Arrive at your audition in plenty of time, you don't want to be sprinting into your audition late and out of breath. Take some water with you so you can keep your vocals well lubricated, you might have a long wait so a few bottles of water is a must. Warm up as much as you can. This can be difficult when other people are around but even quiet humming will help. When you know your audition slot is around 15 minutes away, begin to hum scales and get your voice working, if possible find a quiet corner to do your full warm ups and have one last run through of the song.

Don't fight your nerves:

Nerves are a completely natural response to having to sing in front of people you may have never met before so embrace them. Use your fear, passion and desire to succeed in your performance. Show some vulnerability and emotion in your singing, make the song about your own story and anyone listening will relate to that in some way.

Memorise your lyrics so you know them inside out, nerves can make your mind go blank but trust me the lyrics are there, after all you have been practising it for weeks! Take a deep breath, even when they tell you to start, take a few seconds to compose yourself, don't rush. Focus on what you are about to do and then deliver the song the best you can. Don't worry if it doesn't go exactly as you had hoped, every vocal performance is different, just sing with passion and the judges will get a great idea of whether you are right.

Stay Positive:

If you don't get through, it isn't the end of the world. It is not always a reflection of your singing voice, you just might not be what they are looking for on this occassion. Take on board any feedback you get and learn from it for the next audition. I guarantee that every singer, actor or dancer has experienced what it is like to not get the part before they got their break so don't give up!

All singers dream of making it big and with hard work, determination and some luck, there is no reason why you can't but remember, there is a lot of competition out there. You can have an extremely succesful and rewarding career in music in so many other ways than just being a signed artist. So many people think they have made it when they secure a record deal but in reality, it is only the start of what will be a challenging journey full of hard work.

If you focus on improving yourself and sing beacuse you love it, success will always follow...

Get in touch now to get dates and information of the next Singing Tutor MISSION: AUDITION private or group classes.

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