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Correct breathing is the key to better singing...

Learning how to breathe properly is an essential part of becoming a better singer. Taking a deep enough breath before singing a line will ensure you have enough air to carry out every word in that phrase in a controlled and supoorted way.

Breathe in through your belly, not through your chest as shown in the below diagram. This improves the sound and allows you to better control your voice. To be sure you are breathing properly, put your hand on your belly and see if it expands as you inhale. It is always a good idea to practice this technique in front of a mirror when possible to ensure you have good posture throughout.

Take a few minutes to practice breathing through your belly daily. You can do this either standing up or laying down. Again, be sure your belly is rising every time you take a deep breath.

To perfect your posture, you should always stand rather than sit, this will achieve the best sound and allow your diaphragm and stomach to expand and contract freely. You should also focus on the following techniques and again, it is a good idea to practice this in a mirror.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and keep your back straight.

Keep your eyeline level as tiliting your head back could tighten the vocals and cause a constricted sound.

Let your jaw drop, and keep your tongue relaxed toward the front of your mouth creating an effective resonant space.

Relax your shoulders, arms, and core, singing is about your whole body not just your vocal chords.

Lift the roof of your mouth towards the back as if you were going to yawn. This opens up the throat and allows more air to flow through. We will cover more on this technique in later posts.

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